Hidden bonus tracks

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A Little Something

Recorded on a four-track analog recorder purchased on eBay for $60. Guitars, backwards guitars, bass, simple keyboards, and simpler violin were played by Colorado’s oldest teenage guitarist, accompanied by the world’s tiniest drummer who works out of a guitar effects box on the floor. These are fairly primitive productions and will not sound good if played on a laptop without sufficient bass. (+ indicates more recent digital recordings)

Digital drum fills added May 2023.

Under Siege
Sunset close to where Tom’s been working on Boyd Seltzer’s Missing Fourth
Akumel Bay
Live at the Kings 2 am (audience bootleg recording)
Dolphins on the Horizon+
Old Monastery Road
Rain at the Beach
When Buddy Holly Worked at Motown
Live at the Kings 3 am (audience bootleg recording)
First Light
Prairie Schooner
Mice at Midnight+
Swamp Thing+
Open Road
Happy Sex Robot Parade
Logan Pass at Sunset
Sex Robot Rebellion
When the Jones Boys Come to Play
Where the Wild Heather Grows
Whitewater Canyon
Solstice Fire
Little Rooster
T C Boyle
Geezer Dad Abroad
Karen Palmer
Allen Ginsberg
“Hey, buddy. The sunset’s over here.”

Cool Funk
Sailing the Night Sky (a title also used for a chapter in Zero Gravity)
1, 2 Jump!
Barn Raiser
Colored Glass Waltz
Rockabilly Respite
A Horn Riff In Search Of Some Horns
Last Leaf Falling
Funnel Cake Fairway
Walking You Home
Trance Fusion
Bonsai Garden
El Fuego
Prolonged Funk (Improvication)
Spring Breeze
Extreme Separation
Three Violins, Two Guitars
Canyons #2
Down Streaming
Good Show [instrumental backing]
Los Fuegos Artificiales
Tennessee Mash
Traffic Jamming
[In tonight’s performance, the role of blues harp is played by violin filtered through wah-wah pedal]
A moment of reflection at The Escher Museum, Amsterdam
Self Portrait 2
Self Portrait 3
Self Portrait 4
Self Portrait
The things you find online

If Whales Had Violins (and listened to pink floyd)
Fillmore West 1972
Tea Leaves
Rose’s Cantina (Rapido)
I Will Follow You
Steel Mountain Stomp
148 Over 93 (Contents Under Pressure)
Sunflower Sea (Parts One and Two)
Dandelion Soup
Mor Bas
Basic 12
Hoppin Hoppout
City Of Light
End Bit